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Welcome to The Cosmic Solution (Cosmic Career Coach)

So, you have been at this entrepreneur thing for a while now and are still not where you want to be? You may have even had to get a job on the side or may be afraid to quit your job and work for yourself full time. But something deep inside is nagging you and pushing you to keep trying, because you feel so close, yet so far away from your ideal business goal.

  • Do you have trouble manifesting your ideas into action?
  • Are you confused as to why you are not attracting the money & clients you deserve?
  • Do you need a comprehensive system to support your purpose?
  • Do you feel something is missing in your business creation process?
  • Have you tried other business systems for guidance only to end up back at square one?
  • Are you afraid that something is just wrong with you?
  • Are you ready for a solution that is precise, easy, more authentic and centered around YOU?

I know exactly how you feel. I too struggled for a long time as an entrepreneur. I had lots of success at one time, but then I changed my career direction and just couldn’t get my mojo back. It was almost like losing weight successfully in your twenties and then trying to do the same thing again in your thirties and no longer getting results.

What can you do to get out of ruts like this and gain the confidence you need to soar in your business and your life? Follow me HERE to find out how entrepreneur training can help you!

Candi Ed.S is the author of “25 Thoughts About Your Destiny”, an Adult Educator with an emphasis on transformational & experiential learning and an Evolutionary Astrologer. Having been a successful salon owner, she has a passion for entrepreneurship and helping women in particular reach their soul’s goals. She is the creator of seminars, “Beauty Tips for the Soul” & “Beyond Business for Women”. Her new seminar entitled “Astrology and the New Economy” is a cutting edge seminar that is based on historical patterns, cosmic forces and actual economic trends. Her goal is to help prepare entrepreneurs for the upcoming economic changes, rather than simply reacting to them. Candi is a multi-dimensional educator with over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur online & offline and facilitating seminars that focus on deeper levels of success. She believes that masculine is doing, yet feminine is being. Therefore, success for women does not come from merely reaching tangible goals, but from mastering the needs of the soul and becoming a magnetic force of success.

On The Ground
The New Cosmic Entrepreneur

My 5 day training program will show you EXACTLY what your cosmic business purpose is so you can manifest your ideas, increase your business confidence and get off to a smooth start.

Taking off:
Building & Branding
the Cosmic Entrepreneur

What if there was a way you could authentically and cosmically attract the clients that are meant for you all based on your birth chart? You will finally will have your personal system that you can plug into any system and make it work for you.

Soaring into Action:
The Complete Cosmic Entrepreneur
Business Alignment

Check out my BRAND NEW Complete Cosmic Entrepreneur Business Alignment Program. I reveal ALL my simple-to-implement revelations, 12 step by step system all using your birth chart.

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