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Concept: Where healthy hair and astrology come together.

How do I help people: I help women look great from the inside out through personal development tools and expert hair advice.

What special about me: As a professional cosmetologist, astrologer and adult educator, I have always had the ability to intuit the hidden solutions of life and healthy hair. I communicate those solutions in ways that provide clarity for those I serve.

Unique training: I have 30 years’ experience as a cosmetologist, 15 years’ experience and continual training as a professional astrologer and I have a bachelors in Communication and an EdS in Adult Education with an emphasis on transformational learning.

Unique story:

I started playing around with hair when I was about 15. I was always amazed at the freedom and creativity that cosmetologist had. I know right after high school that I wanted to get my license.

Shortly after I graduated I secured a spot with a busy salon and began building my clientele right away. From the very beginning I noticed people with bigger problems than hair were drawn to me. I brushed that observation off, because I wanted to stay focused only on hair.

After about 5 years I was able to build a salon onto my house. After two years I was able to open a detached salon in a very nice location. All this time I was also studying astrology and other personality tools and would ask my client questions about their preferences and habits to see if my personality studies were correct and 90% of the time they were.

I began reading birth charts for a separate clientele, because I felt the two businesses should be separate. However, during my astrology readings the subject of hair would come up and during my hair appointments I would see my clients astrological charts just unfold in their conversations.

For a period of time I came out of the hair salon to further my education, but I would never fully stop doing hair. I eventually returned full time, but I knew that I would have to incorporate my proven knowledge of astrology with hair and that my clients would have to be comfortable with that.


The more I correlated my astrology studies with my client’s birth data the more intrigued I became. So let me tell you a story of how everything started to come together.

There was a client of mine we’ll call her Cynthia. Cynthia’s hair was falling out. I could look at her hair and tell that the remaining strands appeared normal, which gave me a clue that Cynthia wasn’t on any new medication, nor had her hair been over treated. However, as she continued to talk about her hair she skimmed over the fact that she and her fiancé were actively going through a break up.

Knowing how stress effects the hair my ears perked up and I asked more timeline related questions. Seems her hair started breaking a bit before the actual break up which let me know Cynthia had been under considerable stress for a little over 2 months. This is long enough to see a pattern of breakage and it seemed that the majority of the breakage was in the frontal crown of her head.  In relation to the brain this area is called the frontal lobe. This is where we make decisions, worry and weigh data.

Although Cynthia was not aware that I was into astrology I decided to have a peek at her chart. I keep all of my client’s birthdays and hair histories on file. When I calculated Cynthia’s birth chart I noticed that Pluto the planet of transformation was transiting her 7th house of partnerships. This has been brewing for some time and her hair was weakening all along. And when Pluto went direct her hair let go even though she insisted on holding on to her relationship.

I also noticed that Saturn was to soon enter her 6th house of work, health and nervous system. If she was to ever recover her hair growth she would have to take advantage of this Saturn energy and gain some discipline over her nerves and emotions.

I knew she wouldn’t quite understand my conclusions, but I did put her on a hair regimen which included daily massage to restore circulation and increase relaxation. I also provided her with a sample of some B12 and hair skin and nails vitamins along with weekly treatments.

I casually mentioned to her that if she wanted a more holistic approach to her hair healing to think about setting up a session with me. She did and her transformation was a total success.  I assisted her in letting go emotionally and that restored the circulation to her scalp and her hair follicles began to respond accordingly.

This would be the beginning of me blending my hair services with my astrology practice. No longer did I have to keep it separate and I was shocked at the response. Now about half of all of my clients are also my astrology clients.

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Tie it all together: I am now officially known as The Cosmic Hair Coach! That was given to me by one of my clients and business partners and it felt so right! I have blended my expert knowledge of hair, astrology and adult education together to create the perfect recipe for a very specific audience.  Not only do my readers want nice hair, but they want to improve their lives. Happy Life=Happy Hair What to expect: You can expect accurate and frank advice about Hair, Personal Development and Relationships. No such thing as a unique ingredient, but there is such thing as a unique recipe Hair and Human Nature Hair represents our thoughts, ideas and personality. It serves as a non-verbal message to the world about how we feel about ourselves and how we want others to see us. When I was a full time cosmetologist my hair was straight. When I went to college my hair was naturally curly. When I went to grad school I had locks. When I decided to make a total transformation in my life I cut my locks off. The moon has a specific connection to our bodies just like it does to the tides…In astrology The moon represents emotions. Saturn represents the skeletal system, Mercury represents the nervous system and mental processing, Uranus the circulatory system, Mars represents the blood and brain function, The Sun represents the heart. There is way more to this story than I will go into, but you get the point. This is how in depth astrology is.  Which is why when people say they don’t believe in it I know for a fact that means they know nothing about it. Because your sun sign in only 5% of your total personality it’s no wonder there are Taurus people that have Leo personalities, or Geminis’ that have a Scorpio personality. The sun sign alone was never intended to define one’s total personality, so if that is all most people have been going off of then not to believe in astrology is a logical choice. My  goal is to bridge that 5%  you may know about astrology and share about 50% more with you to assist you in your Happy Hair=Happy Life Journey.


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